Reasons To Choose Plastic Storage Containers To Organize Your Office Building

If you need to get your office supplies organized, one of the best things to use is an assortment of plastic storage containers. These come in sizes small enough to fit in a drawer to large enough to double as a bench or trunk. Plastic has advantages over cardboard, wood, or metal because it is lightweight yet durable. Here's why you should consider stocking up on some of these containers to help you get organized:

Plastic Isn't Damaged By Water

Plastic won't rust like metal or fall apart when wet like cardboard. Plastic keeps your supplies dry even if you store them in a building outside. As long as the containers aren't submerged, they provide protection against flooding from a storm or plumbing disaster. If you keep supplies in an old storeroom you don't visit very often, then keeping them in plastic containers is a good way to ensure they stay dry and safe in case water gets in the room without you being aware of it.

Bugs And Rodents Aren't Attracted To Plastic

Some bugs are attracted to natural materials such as wood and cardboard, especially in an area with high humidity. Bugs like silverfish can eat away at these materials, and even worse, they can damage your stored documents and fabrics. Rodents can do a lot of damage to cardboard storage boxes too, and when they get inside, they will destroy the contents of the boxes with their droppings and chewing. Lids on plastic containers snap shut which is further help at keeping out pests.

Plastic Storage Containers Have Useful Features

Plastic storage containers have features that make organizing supplies easy. Some are transparent so you can see the contents of the container at a glance. Others have a slanted design that allows you to see small items such as pens and paper clips inside without removing the container from the shelf. Plastic storage containers are made for stable stacking on top of each other, but you can also buy shelving made to hold the containers in a more convenient manner. Some have molded handles that make it easy to move the containers around.

Plastic storage containers come in a variety of colors too, which can be useful in helping you stay organized. Setting up your new storage system may take some time and planning, but once it's in place, you'll reduce clutter in your building and you may even increase productivity since supplies will be easy to find.

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