Relocating For A Temporary Job: What To Store In Your Self-Storage Unit

Relocating to a new town or city for a temporary job does take a bit of planning to ensure your personal items are secure while you are away. A self-storage unit may be the right option for you, particularly if you need to empty out your apartment or home before you move. Use this guide to help determine what should stay in the storage unit and what should come with you as you pack and prepare to relocate:

Determine What Will Be Provided

If your employer is helping to arrange for an apartment, be sure to find out if you are getting a furnished or unfurnished unit. You may be able to keep all od your furniture in storage, which can help to reduce the costs of moving to a new city. In some cases, furnished apartments might even come with cookware and dinnerware. This means you can keep your kitchen items in the storage unit as well. Of course, if there are certain furnishings you want to have with you, such as your mattress or favorite recliner, make arrangements to have them moved to your new apartment.

Consider The Length Of The Assignment

You'll need to pack clothes for your move, but that doesn't mean you need to bring your whole wardrobe. For example, if you'll only be working in the new city for 6 months, you can typically pack only the clothes you'll need for that amount of time. A spring/summer assignment means you can store your winter coat, boots, and sweaters in your storage unit, while a winter move means you can pack away your flip flops and bathing suit.

Sort Your Personal Items

Which of your personal items are must-haves no matter where you live? Which items can you live without for a short period of time? You may want to have your CD or DVD collection with you, but you might want to keep your family photo albums in your storage unit. As you pack away these items, sort them into two sets of boxes. One should be dedicated to the storage unit, while the other should be prepped, labeled, and boxed away for your moving company to handle.

Be sure to make arrangements with your long-distance moving company to have your self-storage unit items transferred to the storage facility as part of your moving package. In some cases, your moving company may partner with a local storage facility, so be sure to ask about any discounts you may be able to receive through the moving company.

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