What Goes Into Business Internet Set-Up?

Internet service providers have become a fairly fragmented marketplace. This is why they are increasingly competing for customers by offering cheaper and improved services. Aside from households and individual users, Internet service providers are also increasingly targeting, businesses. Hence, business owners generally enjoy a lot of perks in their Internet service. What goes into business Internet set-up?

Here's what comes into Internet service packages for businesses:

Great Bandwidth

Internet service providers offer great bandwidth for businesses. Bandwidth is measured in terms of two numbers: download speed and upload speed. Download speed refers to the rate at which your computers receive files. Upload speed refers to the rate through which you send files. Usually, download speeds are much higher compared to upload speeds because most Internet users do more downloading rather than uploading. Some Internet providers optimized their networks for faster downloading. Nonetheless, to accommodate businesses that require greater upload speed, newer fiber optic technology optimize both download and upload speed.

Huge Data Amount 

Business Internet set-up also includes huge data. For example, Comcast offers as much as 150 Mbps speed without data caps. On the other hand, Telstra offers 1000GB data cap excluding uploads. Data is important for businesses which are dependent on file sharing and video conferencing and those businesses that need to constantly back up their files.

Generous Calls Inclusions

Internet service providers have also bundled Internet services offered to businesses with land-based and mobile calls. As businesses become increasingly dependent on mobile employees, Internet service providers have also seen the need to provide generous calls inclusions into the basic Internet set-up.

Customized WiFi Connectivity

Internet service providers also help businesses secure their Internet connection through their WiFi connectivity. Business can access highly customized features and capabilities for their WiFi connectivity. They can have a private business WiFi connection and customize its availability based on the needs of the business and its employees.

Backup Connection

Some Internet service providers also offer great convenience to businesses through a backup Internet connection. In case of an outage, providers will shift the subscriber's Internet connection into their mobile networks that are independent of the user's electricity.

Dynamic or Static IP

To further serve the needs of businesses, Internet service providers can also give either dynamic or static IP addresses. The dynamic IP address is the standard way of identifying one's computer which changes every time a user connects to the Internet. For businesses that need a static IP for server management or website maintenance, they can also have one after paying additional fees.

Businesses now enjoy numerous perks and inclusions with their Internet services. Internet service providers are getting better and better in satisfying the growing needs of increasingly global and mobile businesses. At the same time, as you increase the complexity of your technology, you need a technology partner to help you make the best decisions for your business. Consider a managed IT services team who can help you out with this and other complex decisions regarding your technology.