Starting A Mass Mailing Business From Home: Products That Speed Up Productivity

Of all the weird jobs to outsource to people, mass mailings have to be the strangest of all. This is a job you do from home. Your customers send you boxes and boxes of envelopes, letters, stamps, and labels. You spend hours folding the letters, stuffing envelopes, licking the envelopes shut, sticking the labels and stamps on the envelopes, and then taking boxes and boxes of finished work to the post office to mail. If you really want to do some work from home, and you want to try this, there are a few products and tools that can drastically speed up productivity and finish your jobs faster.

Folder Inserters

This machine is one which makes a lot of home envelope-stuffers simultaneously giddy and nervous. Why is that? Because folder inserters can fold the letters, stuff the envelopes, seal the envelopes, and spit the envelopes out the far end. More impressively, a folder inserter can do it in record speed. If it takes you thirty seconds per envelope/mailer, and you think that is fast, wait until you see what a folder inserter can do.

Usually, you can complete a single, thousand-piece letter mailer job in just a few hours, whereas most humans require a few days. It is the machine that could replace you, but it will not because companies are not willing to pay an hourly wage for people to send materials through these machines. The companies will pay you piecemeal to work from home and use one of these machines, though. If you spot an ad for folder inserters for sale, be sure to check out their stats before you buy one.

The Stamp Machine

The post office can send you another great machine for a good price. This thing weighs your mailers to the exact ounce, proclaims how much postage every mailer needs, and then gives you the chance to process all of your pieces through an auto-stamper. The machine literally creates the perfect postage stamp for each piece you are sending based on weight, and then prints it on each envelope you feed through this postage printer.

No licking stamps, no guesswork, no shortage on the amount of postage required; the postage machine does that all for you. What you end up doing with the stamps your customers give you is up to you and them. Maybe you can get a refund for all of those stamps.