Choosing An Air Purifier For A Pet-Filled Home

When you've got multiple pets, you are likely already aware of the many odors that can linger. In fact, relatives or friends may often tell you about the "dog smell" or "litterbox" smell in your house. Luckily, a good air purification system can enable you to battle these odors while also cleansing the air of any pet-related allergens which could aggravate allergies or asthma. What purification considerations are important?


Purifiers with HEPA filters may be optimal for a space which has lots of pet hair and dander flying about at any time. HEPA filters will trap very, very small particles so that they aren't drifting about in your indoor space. Ionic purifiers can also be somewhat effective and can trap even smaller particles than HEPA filtration purifiers. However, ionic purifiers work by releasing particles which attach themselves to the odor-causing particles in the air; this can at times be triggering for those with allergies or respiratory problems. In addition, if you select an ionic purifier without a collection plate, sometimes particles can be re-released into the space.

2-Charcoal Filters

Whatever purifier you select, ensure that it uses charcoal filters. The very act of cleaning the air will reduce some odors, but charcoal filters are vital for trapping the odor-related animal odors which plague your home. Ensure you check out how to change them in different purifier models and price filters now so you're ready to replace them regularly.


When choosing purifiers, you must get one which can process as much room air as possible, so you notice real changes in the smell and quality of air. You can typically evaluate size when you calculate the cubit feet of the space you'd like to purify. Purifiers also have an ACH (air changes per one hour) rate which can guide you; usually the higher the changing rate, the better.

The place where you plan to keep the purifier will also affect the size of the machine you'll need. If you'll be putting the purifier in the kitchen but plan on opening and closing the door to let your animals outside, you'll lose some of that purified air. That may necessitate a bigger-sized purifier or a change of positioning. You might opt to settle a smaller purifier in a room with less exposure to outdoor air.

Make selecting purifiers simpler with these details. Consulting a company like Pure Light Clean Air Services LLC about air purification systems is also an option; being able to analyze your space and odors of concern should allow them to construct a system that's effective.