3 Important Ways To Encourage Comfort At Your Hypnosis Trauma Healing Service

According to the Wellness Institute, helping a hypnotherapy client feel safe in their surroundings and with you as a service provider is a critical part of the therapeutic process because feeling safe allows a client to risk vulnerability. If a client does not feel safe and comfortable in your treatment arena, it will make it harder for them to reap any reward or benefit from hypnosis trauma healing efforts. As the provider of this type of service, it is therefore highly imperative that you work on making your place of business as comfortable as possible. Here are a few tips to help you along the way. 

Make sure therapy rooms are completely private from the outside world

One way to induce a sense of comfort is to assure the client that whatever they open up about during hypnotherapy is going to be kept private. Intrusions from the outside world can make someone apprehensive about opening up, even if they only hold back subconsciously. Your therapy rooms should be completely private with no visibility from waiting areas. Make sure any windows in the room are small and can be covered to conceal the view inside the office. 

Set up the therapy space as a comfortable, home-like place

There are certain things most people expect to see at home that will make them feel more comfortable. A soft, welcoming sofa or chaise lounge invites them to sit and relax. Rich and earthy color tones on walls and floors can feel more home-like and calming. Even things like throw pillows, small lamps for lighting, and a bowl of treats on a coffee table can help someone feel like they are more at home. Invite clients to take off their shoes to relax their feet or help themselves to a cup of coffee or hot tea. 

Steer clear of the clinical or futuristic decor pieces

According to the American Psychology Association, there is actually a preference for wood over slick and shiny surfaces among the general population. This means that decking out the therapy space with things like glass-top tables, shiny chrome decor, or slick white tile flooring are likely is going to make the space feel a little colder and clinical and much less comfortable. Wood furnishings are a good implement, especially those pieces that boast the appearance of wood grain. So whether it is the flooring or the desk, stick with wood and lighter stains so the grain shines through. 

For more information about hypnosis trauma healing, contact an organization such as the Riverton Hypnosis Center.