3 Tips To Help You Find The Right Tech Employees For The Job

Filling tech positions can be challenging because there is overall a shortage of tech workers, which makes it a very competitive field. When recruiting for this field, you need a clear plan in order to fill the job in a short amount of time.

#1 Know What the Job Requires

You can lose a lot of time recruiting the wrong individuals for a position. You need to know the exact tech skills that an individual will need to do the job. Don't rely on human relations to write a great job description; if possible, sit down with the other tech workers, and get a specific list of skills and knowledge that someone will need for the job. Knowing what the job requires will help save time for both you as a recruiter and for the individuals looking for a job as well. You are more likely to recruit the right talent, and get them to stay, when you know what you are looking for.

#2 Look Beyond Degrees

When hiring for tech talent, you will limit your pool significantly if you just base who you interview and recruit to individuals with the right degree. The technology field is one of the fields that is really driven by individuals who are self-taught. The best minds in the field may not have "formal" training from a four-year university. They may have taken other professional development courses or just taught themselves. That is why when looking for tech talent, you should look at what skills and training an individual has. You can use tests to make sure that someone has the knowledge they claim to have.

#3 Don't Worry About Frequent Job Switching

Next, don't worry about individuals who have switched jobs frequently. It is very common in the tech industry to hold a job for six months to a year. Many tech employees are brought in to help with specific projects and move onto new jobs when the projects wrap up. Or the tech worker may specialize in a certain field and move on when your needs change. Don't assume that it is a bad thing when you find a qualified candidate with lots of short-term jobs; ask about why they left the job and what they did to learn more.

When recruiting for positions in the technical industry, make sure you have an accurate job description that reflects the skills and knowledge one will need to succeed in the job. When looking for the right candidate, look beyond the degree and look at the training and knowledge a candidate has. When looking at job history, dig deeper to find out what they did and why they left a job. Doing these three things will help focus and find the right candidate in a competitive market.

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