3 Helpful Tips When Purchasing Folding Cartons For Company Shipping Purposes

Folding carton boxess are one of the more important shipping materials for companies today. They can be used to ship all sorts of things, from magazines to food products. If you need to purchase some, keep these tips in mind. 

Make Sure Construction is High-Quality

In order for these folding cartons to work out great for shipping purposes, then you need to ensure they're high-quality. Otherwise, they may come apart during shipping and this can expose the contents inside to damage.

The best way to assess folding carton construction quality is to examine them in person. You need to feel them in your hands to see how thick and durable the materials are. If you can't find a supplier in your area, see if you can have one ship you sample folding cartons. You can then test them out for real and see if they will work for your products.

Get Sizing Down Perfectly 

One of the most important attributes of any folding carton is its size. This needs to be perfect because if it's not, the carton may not fully support your products or there may be extra space that costs you money unnecessarily.

So that both problems don't happen, spend time assessing what will be going in the folding cartons. Take their measurements even so that you have figures that can guide you in the right direction as far as carton size. This precaution will help you narrow down the size options quickly and effectively. 

Consider a Carrying Handle

If the products going inside the folding cartons will be pretty heavy, then it's important that you compensate for the extra weight. Otherwise, customers receiving your products could get injured or damage their products. In this case, you would be better off getting folding cartons that have carrying handles.

Once the folding carton is closed, a handle on the end will be exposed. Customers that receive these cartons can then easily grab the handle and have a firm grasp the entire time. It will prevent all sorts of complications from occurring, which can ultimately help your company's reputation and cut shipping costs. 

Folding carton boxes can be used to ship all sorts of goods through the mail. If you plan on buying some for your company, make sure you weigh key details. These include size, construction quality, and extra features. These assessments will help you select the perfect folding cartons the first time.