6 Ways To Ensure A Sound Technical Setup

When you are getting ready to hold a video conference, you need to ensure you have a sound technical setup. A sound technical setup is essential for video conferencing. There are steps you can take to ensure your technical setup is ideal for video conferencing.

Way #1: Keep the Webcam at Eye Level

First, you are going to want to keep your webcam at eye level. You are going to want to position your camera so that you are looking straight into the camera. You are going to want to avoid positing the camera so that it is tilted upward. With an eye-level webcam, you will look more naturally into the camera. This will allow you to feel like you are speaking directly to someone face-to-face.

Generally, the built-in camera on your device should be high-quality enough for your endeavors.

Way #2: Use a Nice Microphone

Second, you are going to want to use a nice microphone. An external microphone to ensure your voice is fully picked up. A nice microphone will pick up the full sound quality of your voice. You can wear earphones with a microphone. You can use an external microphone as well.

Way #3: Use Natural Light

Third, you will want to use natural light, if possible, for your video conference. Using natural light will allow you to be more easily seen and will help fight against the weird shadows that can develop on the screen.

Way #4: Carefully Position Conference Window

Fourth, when you set up the conference screen, you will want to put the screen so that it is close to the computer's camera. You want to have the video of the person you are looking at as close as possible to the camera so that you are also looking at the camera when you look at the person. You don't want to be looking down or in a different direction. Carefully position the conference window so that it aligns with your camera.

Way #5: Turn Off Notifications

Fifth, you are going to want to turn off notifications on your computer or phone. You don't want notifications or pop-ups to appear during your conference. On many devices, you can turn on the "Do Not Disturb" on your device so that nothing comes and disturbs your conference.

Way #6: Use a High-Quality Video Conferencing Platform

Finally, you are going to want to use a high-quality video conference platform. The platform you use will have a big impact on your overall experience. You want to use a video conference platform that is easy to use for all participants. 

To enjoy a high-quality video conference, you are going to want to keep a webcam at eye level, use a nice microphone, and embrace natural light. Carefully position the conference window, turn off notifications on your device, and use a high-quality video conferencing platform.